Our Ingredients—the beauty of wOw

Are your products All-Natural?
Does H2wOw contain any artificial flavors or colors?
What makes your product different from all the other water enhancers?
Why is the liquid clear if it’s made from real fruit?
I noticed that you use many organic ingredients so why isn’t the product certified organic?
Why do you list the origin of the fruits and botanicals?
What are essential oils?
Does H2wOw contain any vitamins?
I see you add electrolytes--what are they and why are they important?
What is Agave?
What is Stevia and why do you use it?
Is H2wOw Gluten free?
Does H2wOw contain caffeine?
How to Use

Using wOw—It’s easy as 1-2-“Squeeze–to-Pleeeze”

How do you say the name?
How do I use it and how do I know how much to add to my beverage?
Can I add this to sparkling water?
Can I use this with my SodaStream?
Can you use the water enhancer in other beverages besides water?
Can I use this with alcohol?
Can I use this with my diet plan?
What about food, can I add this to any particular foods?
Can I drink it straight from the bottle?
Is it ok for women who are pregnant or nursing to use H2wOw?
Will this help me drink more water?
How long will it keep once I open it?
What is the shelf life of the product?
Once I open the bottle do I need to refrigerate it?
Once I make a drink how long will it keep without refrigeration?
Can I refill and reuse the bottle?
Is the bottle recyclable and BPA free?
Where to Buy

I want to get my wOw on—where do I it get it?

Where can I buy H2wOw?
If I am a retailer and want to sell your products, who do I contact?
Can I purchase your products in bulk at a discount?
If I bought your product at Amazon, where can I exchange or return it if something was not right with my order?
Ok, I just love your product, so how can I help to spread the word?
What kind of new flavors do you have in the works?

Just Show Me

How to…

It’s as easy as 1-2-Squeeze. We like to say Simply “Squeeze to Pleeze” because it so easy to use and at the same time you get to personalize your beverage with as little or as much flavor as you like – a full-strength beverage or just a hint of goodness.


1. Tear the top of the tamper resistant label along the T-shaped perforation.

2. Give the bottle a little shake, flip the lid, and squeeze the bottle to squirt your desired amount of flavor.

3. We recommend as a starting point, 1 to 2 short 1 sec squirts per 8 oz of water.

3. Take a sip and enjoy!

h2wow faq how to use

Like any concentrated products, though, do not drink it straight from the bottle or without diluting it.

H2wOw does not need to be refrigerated.

For freshness, please use your bottle within 30 days of opening.

For unopened bottles, you will find the recommended “best by” date on the bottom of each container.

Where to…

H2wOw is all about TASTE and HYDRATION and it’s great to use as often as you drink water or various beverages of choice. Unlike other water enhancers, we do not load it up with smelly vitamins that have to be masked with lots of sweeteners, so you can just enjoy our great refreshing flavors.

  • Throw one in your gym bag
  • Keep some on the kitchen counter
  • Bring some to the office
  • Make sure you take it with you to restaurants
  • …and anywhere you want to make the tap water taste amazing