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Our Mission

“Water is the essence of life”……With this in mind…

Our mission is to improve the health of our consumers by making it more enjoyable and interesting to drink water.

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Our Team

Alison Tirone, Co-founderAlison Tirone,
Co-founder, Chief Water Goddess

You can find Ali’s story here, but suffice to say that Ali is waaay into health and nutrition and being a great mom to her daughters Cypress (5) and Clover (3). Ali is passionate about yoga and spinning and loves to take walks or runs through the Presidio or Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge. Before she became a professional label reader and organic mixologist of her special green shakes, almond milk and just about anything that can be put in a dehydrator (her crispy kale chips are certainly best in show), Ali pursued a career in the healthy food industry. She was an early team member at Spins, the leading consultant and source of data for brands seeking to sell into the natural channel. There she was a trend spotter and analyst for new and established brands seeking to understand customer trends. Ali’s LinkedIn profile.

Todd Eichler, Co-Founder Brite Idea FoodsTodd Eichler,
Co-founder, Chairman of The wOw

Todd loves to be hydrated and is finally weaned from his plastic water bottle addiction. His favorite flavor is a tie between Cucumber Lemongrass and Ginger Lime. Todd lives in San Francisco and is a dad to two great girls (Cypress and Clover), not coincidentally the same found in his wife Ali’s profile. When he is not on his soapbox espousing the benefits of H2wOw or shuttling children between birthday parties and play dates, he loves to hike and play golf. In fact, if you have ever tasted the water from a fountain near a tee box on a golf course, you will clearly understand why he is so passionate about always having his H2wOw with him. Before embarking upon his dream job of starting H2wOw, he was helping to bring other great products to life as a founding team member at Mission Athletecare and Student Advantage. Todd’s LinkedIn profile.

Tim Welch President and Founder at Brite Idea Foods, LLC

Tim Welch,
Co-founder, Chief Hydration Officer

Tim loves all kinds of water especially on long bike rides. Having the good fortune to live by the beach in Southern California, you can find him with his toes in the sand on a sunny weekend. In the winter, Tim likes a different kind of water, the frozen kind, and he heads for the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. Tim has a passion for health and fitness having run a number health food and beverage brands in the past. Bringing that passion for all things healthy, Tim partnered with us when he realized that there was, for the first time, an all-natural water enhancer that tasted so good it made you want to drink more water, something he always struggled with. “I know I should be drinking more water but was really bored with it very quickly. Man has that changed with H2wOw.” Tim’s LinkedIn profile.