Our Ingredients—the beauty of wOw

Are your products All-Natural?
Yes. We are giving this to our families so we wouldn’t dream of putting artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives in our product. In fact many of the ingredients are ORGANIC.
Does H2wOw contain any artificial flavors or colors?
Absolutely not! As we said, we give this to OUR families
What makes your product different from all the other water enhancers?

As our moms taught us, say something nice first. So, all water enhancers are good in that they help us reduce our environmental impact by putting fewer plastic bottles into landfills (since most have 18-24 servings in a 2 oz bottle). But, that is where the similarities end compared to the most popular brands in the market today.

We insist on having No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Preservatives and No Artificial Sweeteners

Many other products contain Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Propylene Glycol (used in antifreeze) or other preservatives that are banned in most natural retailers. Almost all use artificial colors; colors you don’t really find in nature, so the next time you see one of them poured into a glass of water, ask yourself if it reminds you of one of those lava lamps from the 70s.

H2wOw, on the other hand, is All-Natural and uses many organic ingredients. That’s why we feel great about giving this to our families without being concerned about them ingesting any neon-colored beverages loaded with ingredients that you can’t pronounce

Why is the liquid clear if it’s made from real fruit?
The extracts, essences and essential oils that we use to flavor our products come from the white fleshy part of the rind of the fruit, hence they’re almost clear. Some of the oils or extracts may have a slight tint or cloudiness to them, which is perfectly normal. And of course they smell incredible! It’s like aromatherapy for your mouth!
I noticed that you use many organic ingredients so why isn’t the product certified organic?
We tried to use the best ingredients we could find. Sometimes that meant we could use an organic flavor and other times we found flavors that tasted better, and although they were all-natural, they weren’t certified organic. We believe that taste is king, so we opted for the best-tasting product we could make while still being all-natural.
Why do you list the origin of the fruits and botanicals?
We are VERY proud of our ingredients, and unlike other water enhancers who just list the flavor as “natural flavor,” we not only tell you what’s in there but also where it comes from and how it was extracted (i.e. cold pressed). We also tried to use organic flavors whenever we could, so we list that as well.
What are essential oils?
Essential oils are extracts from the fleshy, generally white, part of the rind of the fruit. The oil carries the “essence of the fruit” hence the name. Generally essential oils are either distilled or cold pressed (like olive oil). Essential oils are often also used in aromatherapy.
Does H2wOw contain any vitamins?
No. We are all about TASTE and HYDRATION and we found that adding vitamins will impact the taste of water enhancers, especially B vitamins.

We believe that you get your vitamins from your everyday foods so there is little need to add vitamins just to say “we have vitamins” as many of the other water enhancers do.

I see you add electrolytes--what are they and why are they important?
We add natural potassium and magnesium electrolytes (sometimes called trace minerals). Potassium is vital to the body and is involved in proper heart and kidney function. Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body and is involved in energy production. Together, they help keep you hydrated.
What is Agave?
Agave is a low glycemic sweetener. It comes from the Agave plant which is found in the southwest regions of the US and Mexico. We use a specific certified ORGANIC Blue Agave to very lightly sweeten H2wOw. You will notice that there are only a mere 3 calories per serving and those calories come from the organic Agave.
What is Stevia and why do you use it?
Stevia is a safe, all-natural 0-calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of a Stevia plant which is about 250 times sweeter than sugar– so you can use just a tiny bit to create a sweet taste sensation. We use organic Stevia in conjunction with organic agave to create the lightly-sweetened H2wOw
Is H2wOw Gluten free?
There is no gluten in any of the ingredients we use but we are not yet certified
Does H2wOw contain caffeine?
Absolutely not! We are trying to hydrate you not dehydrate you which is what caffeine can do to you
How to Use

Using wOw—It’s easy as 1-2-“Squeeze–to-Pleeeze”

How do you say the name?
 H2wOw is the combination of H2O and wow so you just say H2 wow. As we tested our water enhancer with consumers the reaction we typically heard was wow! So we thought it would be appropriate to use that in the name. We hope you agree! 
How do I use it and how do I know how much to add to my beverage?
H2wOw is all about taste and convenience. So just give the bottle a quick shake, flip the cap and squirt a couple of times into your drink to flavor to your taste preference. We recommend about 1-2 one-second squirts into 8 oz. of water but that’s just a starting point. The great thing about H2wOw is that you can make just the way YOU like it.
Can I add this to sparkling water?
Unequivocally yes. In fact, the effervescence from the sparkling water accentuates the flavors of H2wOw, so if you like a more flavorful drink, definitely try it in sparkling water.
Can I use this with my SodaStream?
Of course, we do it all the time and it’s awesome. Feel free to put it in your water before you carbonate it or after with each glass. Just experiment with the number of squirts you prefer for each liter you make using about 1-2 one-second squirts per 8oz as your benchmark. So for a 1 liter bottle, start with 4-8 squirts.
Can you use the water enhancer in other beverages besides water?
Absolutely. We encourage you to experiment. In fact send us your suggestions contact us and we might send you a H2wOw T-shirt.
Can I use this with alcohol?
Our friends and customers have been “experimenting” with this very question for quite some time and we have heard that this is a perfect addition to vodka. A couple of squirts into a martini shaker with some vodka and ice and WOW you have a great tasting martini. We’ve heard that 1-2 squirts of Ginger Lime with vodka in a shaker makes a wonderful Ginger Lime Martini.
Please drink responsibly though 🙂
Can I use this with my diet plan?
Most diet plans call for consuming copious amounts of water (8 to 10 glasses per day). Anything that makes that more enjoyable will help you consume more water and H2wOw will certainly make drinking water more enjoyable. And, we are pretty sure the 3 calories per serving won’t put you over any calorie restrictions. If you do have specific questions or concerns, please ask your doctor (our lawyers make us say that).
What about food, can I add this to any particular foods?
We encourage you to try it with whatever food or beverage you might think it will work with. Be sure to write us and tell us what worked and what didn’t. For starters we’ve added H2wOw to vanilla ice cream and shakes. Our flavors make it so refreshing! Also try it with plain yogurt.
Can I drink it straight from the bottle?
Not recommended at all. This is a highly concentrated flavor system with citric acid. Drinking it straight from the bottle will definitely make you pucker–think straight lemon juice (which is mainly citric acid). Always dilute H2wOw with water as described on the packaging—about 1-2 squirts per 8oz of water or you can experiment by starting with a small squirt if you are adding it to food and then “season to taste”
Is it ok for women who are pregnant or nursing to use H2wOw?
H2wOw is all-natural without any artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives. Often pregnant women complain about the taste of regular water due to their heightened sense of taste and smell, but H2wOw is like “aromatheraphy for your mouth” so it will taste and smell great. Of course, we aren’t medical professionals so if you have any questions, we strongly recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional to be sure.
Will this help me drink more water?
We think so. In fact it works for us, which is why we created H2wOw. We all knew that we should be drinking more water but really didn’t like the taste and got bored with it pretty quickly. We find drinking water with H2wOw to be a pleasurable experience and hence we drink more water.
How long will it keep once I open it?
H2wOw needs no refrigeration even after it’s been opened. You should consume the contents within 30 days from opening it, but we are confident that it won’t last that long once you try it. You can certainly keep it in the fridge if you would like, but it’s probably not a great idea to keep it in a hot car for extended periods of time (your chewing gum would agree with us). Also, please keep the cap snapped closed between uses, and if the product is unopened, please check the Best Buy (“BB”) date on the bottom of the bottle and use the product before the date printed.
What is the shelf life of the product?
The shelf life is 1 year. If the product is unopened, please check Exp date on the bottom of the bottle and use the product before the date printed.
Once I open the bottle do I need to refrigerate it?
No refrigeration is necessary but we recommend you consume the remainder of the bottle in about 30 days. If you want to keep it in the fridge between uses, that’s totally fine. Make sure the cap is closed and give it a quick shake before using.
Once I make a drink how long will it keep without refrigeration?
You probably want to consume the beverage in the same day you made it. If you want to save it you can always stick it in the refrigerator and finish it in the next day or two.
Can I refill and reuse the bottle?
We guess you can, but we don’t suggest it. If you take off the entire cap, there is a good chance the bottle will leak, and depending on what you put back in the bottle, you may get some microorganisms growing which isn’t good.
Is the bottle recyclable and BPA free?
Yes to both! The bottle has a #2 recycling symbol and is made of recyclable high-density polyethylene. The cap is a polypropylene #5. Both are recyclable with curbside recyclers. To maximize the recyclability, we recommend you twist the cap off and throw bottle and cap into a recycling bin separately (after you finish it of course).
Where to Buy

I want to get my wOw on—where do I it get it?

Where can I buy H2wOw?
Currently we are selling it almost exclusively on Amazon. That’s great for you in that we qualify for free prime shipping. Just click any “Buy Now” button on our homepage to get there.
If I am a retailer and want to sell your products, who do I contact?
You can shoot us a note via our contact us page. We’d love to hear from you!
Can I purchase your products in bulk at a discount?
How can we say no to that? Send us a note via our contact us page. In the meantime, Amazon has some great pricing, and we qualify for free prime shipping which is always nice.
If I bought your product at Amazon, where can I exchange or return it if something was not right with my order?
Just follow the instructions on your Amazon order confirmation for returns or exchanges, but we want to make sure you have the best experience possible, so feel free to email us via our contact us page if there is anything that we can do to help make sure you are completely satisfied!
Ok, I just love your product, so how can I help to spread the word?
Why thank you! We are flattered. We are a small company and thrive on word of mouth and good reviews on Amazon and social media so please write us a review on Amazon. Also please tell your friends and family and keep on ordering.

We aim for 100% satisfaction, so please contact us if you have any questions or comments about how we can improve the product or your overall experience. You never know, people that are the most active with spreading the word and providing positive feedback may just find themselves eligible for some free product as a thank you.

What kind of new flavors do you have in the works?
A. We launched with the four flavors that were best received in our focus groups of moms and fans of drinking water, but we are always open to the next round. Chime in on our Facebook page with what you want to see next, and also share some creative uses for what you mix our flavors with. Post a pic with H2wOw in your favorite drinking container and we will pick some fans every week to get some free product

Just Show Me

How to…

It’s as easy as 1-2-Squeeze. We like to say Simply “Squeeze to Pleeze” because it so easy to use and at the same time you get to personalize your beverage with as little or as much flavor as you like – a full-strength beverage or just a hint of goodness.


1. Tear the top of the tamper resistant label along the T-shaped perforation.

2. Give the bottle a little shake, flip the lid, and squeeze the bottle to squirt your desired amount of flavor.

3. We recommend as a starting point, 1 to 2 short 1 sec squirts per 8 oz of water.

3. Take a sip and enjoy!

h2wow faq how to use

Like any concentrated products, though, do not drink it straight from the bottle or without diluting it.

H2wOw does not need to be refrigerated.

For freshness, please use your bottle within 30 days of opening.

For unopened bottles, you will find the recommended “best by” date on the bottom of each container.

Where to…

H2wOw is all about TASTE and HYDRATION and it’s great to use as often as you drink water or various beverages of choice. Unlike other water enhancers, we do not load it up with smelly vitamins that have to be masked with lots of sweeteners, so you can just enjoy our great refreshing flavors.

  • Throw one in your gym bag
  • Keep some on the kitchen counter
  • Bring some to the office
  • Make sure you take it with you to restaurants
  • …and anywhere you want to make the tap water taste amazing