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Going all natural never felt this good
By Clayon
This is great for those of us on the go constantly. Easy to put in your desk drawer at work, in your center console in the car (when the weather permits) or for you women on the go, your purse. If you have a cup full of water, or a water bottle just do a few squirts. You will get the hang of how much to squirt in based on how strong or watered down you like the flavor.

The flavors are delicious, not too strong but great all natural taste to them. I like drinking drinks like crystal light, the arnold palmer water enhancer etc…and these are totally different. Being much more organic you can’t really compare these to the others out there. This is great for while at the gym, going on a hike, quick refreshment in between meetings. All in all H2w0w is needed in every desk, purse, car, game bag. Great all purpose water enhancer for all ages!

Thoughtfully designed and great for the kids
By Bdevil91

I confess that I don’t write reviews often, but I am sufficiently impressed by this product to write one here.

I have two young girls who a) eat and drink only when they feel like it and b) never listen to their Dad. Sigh. We don’t drink soda or juice — unless we squeeze it ourselves — and we limit drinks in our home that have sugar, and one daughter doesn’t do well with lactose. However, water gets boring, so I heard about this product from a friend and we tried them. Immediate hit. Seriously, the girls love squeezing the bottles into their glasses on their own (yeay, independence), and they drink water, which is not a small feat for the little people.

A few more detailed thoughts:
1. We are mostly an organic household, so the all-natural ingredients are a big deal. Tried the Coke/Pepsi competitors. Overly sweet and full of stuff I can’t pronounce.
2. Packaging is cool — portable, spill-proof and easy. Not a small thing.
3. The girls’ favorite is the mandarin orange. Ginger lime and the lemon flavors are mine and easiest additions to a meal without impacting the flavors in your meal. Yeah, that’s a geek foodie comment.
4. How long do you squeeze? I was concerned that the girls would squeeze too long, which would make it too expensive to be sustainable and re-introduce too much sweetness. So, I have taught the girls that they flip it upside down and count to three, reasonably quickly, and that’s all it needs. I’ve turned it into a game and they love it.

My friend shared this with me and I liked it
By R.Pefley
I tried this product at a friend’s house and was truly impressed. I really do not drink enough water so adding some flavor is helpful for me. Usually I make tea or put fresh lemons in my drinks. But this is a nice product to be able to take with you to work or for travel when that is not possible. I read some of the reviews and people say that it’s not very sweet. When I make mine at home I add no sugar or sweetener at all. So in that case this is just right for me. When I get cucumber water at the spa or lemon water or any other fruit infused water there is no sweetener involved. Seems like they got it right. I will be ordering my own product today.

Refreshing, Delicious, and Healthy.
By M. Wiseon
Verified Purchase
For anyone who appreciates natural and organic beverages, this product will change your life. It’s a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and enables you to enhance the flavor of your water so you can stay hydrated, feel refreshed, and enjoy a delicious drink. This product is in a class of its own and superior to synthetic chemical based water enhancement products like MIO because it is actually healthy for you and tastes great. The best part is that it comes in a convenient dropper that makes it easy to use on a regular basis. I take it with me to the gym, work, hiking trips, and plane flights, so I can satisfy my thirst anytime I crave a lightly sweet and refreshing beverage. I highly recommend this product to people who are conscious about good food, healthy living, and staying hydrated.

A must try for water enhancer lovers
By J Hemmings
Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed these water enhancers after going away from some brands that use all artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. H2wOw really does impress in terms of it’s high-end flavor profiles. I especially liked the Lemon and Mint – this one tastes just like the water they serve you at 5 star restaurants. The use of some interesting ingredients, like Ginger, Lemongrass and Cucumber really set this range apart from anything else I’ve seen before.

The enhancers are subtle yet present at a level that makes water pleasant to drink and has compelled me to think of more water
By J Halley
Verified Purchase
Well I was pleasantly surprised by all the flavors of the product. I am not a water drinker, but I have been trying to find ways to hydrate more without being forced to drink water. Since going on a new blood pressure med I have found that I am never thirsty and often become dehydrated without even knowing how I got there. The water enhancers allow me to spike up my water with out an overwhelming flavor. The enhancers are subtle yet present at a level that makes water pleasant to drink and has compelled me to think of more water more often now that I have something to make it better. If you are looking for something to make a strong presence in your water this is not it. It does provide a tasteful consistent flavor and aroma that makes water from the tap worth drinking again.

Make your water delicious…with just a few squirts H2wOw!
By S Liberman
Verified Purchase
I love this product! Imagine thoroughly enjoying every sip of your water…without chemicals or calories. My favorite flavor is the Cucumber Lemongrass, and my kids like the Mandarin Grapefruit the best. I can’t believe how much more water I am drinking with a few squirts of H2wOw in it. I just decided this is going to be the best little holiday gift for friends and family. Easy to buy a 4-pack and then give the little bottles to anyone in your life who might like it (mother-in-law, neighbor, teacher, etc.). The packaging is great…the little bottles are adorable (about 2oz each) and easy to keep in your purse to use whenever you want. Great in bubbly water too. Enjoy!

We like the Mandarin Grapefruit from this …
By Olya
For health reasons, my husband and I are always looking for sugar free alternatives to beverages. We’ve tried other brands water enhancers, but they always leave behind some sort of artificial or overly sweet taste. We like the Mandarin Grapefruit from this brand, so we decided to try some other flavors too.

The H2wOw Water Enhancer is organic and naturally sweetened with Organic Agave, Organic Stevia and Natural Electrolytes. The package comes with 4 bottles of the product. You would think that with such a tiny bottle, you wouldn’t get much out of it, but it makes 24 servings. Each bottle has a flip top cap and it’s easy to use – just squirt it out directly into your glass.

The 4 flavors (Mandarin Grapefruit, Ginger Lime, Cucumber Lemongrass & Lemon Mint) are really great, and I love that they have only 3 calories per serving! I think this is a great product as you can flavor your water however you like. It is very compact and easy to store. We bring a bottle or two along with us wherever we go. Definitely recommend!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. However your own opinion might vary. I try to do my reviews honest with the pros and cons I can see myself in a product, and with facts that a potential customer might find useful.

Great product. Reduces waste, increases taste!
By C. Kawajaon
Verified Purchase
We particularly love cucumber lemongrass but it’s nice to have variety! Has us drinking far more water…we add it to sparkling water that we make at home, as a healthier and more sustainable substitute to flavored waters like La Croix and Alhambra.

W0W is Right!
ByC.Mc Kennaon
Verified Purchase
I am so pleased with this product that I had to write this review straight away! I tend to drink a lot of water, especially in the fall and summer months (I live in Florida) and wanted to find something that would enhance my water from time to time. I have tried so many different products but found that they would change a simple glass of water into something more like a soft drink even if you used less than recommend. The description indicated that this product similar to having a slice of fruit or vegetable in your water, which was exactly what I was looking for. First thing in the morning I like a glass of club soda to take my meds with. A couple of short squirts and I had the best water drink I had ever tasted. The taste is light and refreshing. I am not sure how they came up with the flavor combinations, but they are genius! Lime and ginger is my personal favorite. I could drink these all day. I am off now to see if I can get this product in a subscription.

Totally natural — and they taste that way!
By wildone
Verified Purchase
I’m really enjoying this product. What I particularly like is that H2w0w is made with exclusively natural ingredients and each of the four flavor combinations definitely tastes that way — NATURAL! Other brands similar to this taste too synthetic and artificial to me. Frankly, I love these blends and find myself wishing they’d add more flavors. I have an active lifestyle and this added pizzazz helps ensure that I stay hydrated. Their subtle flavoring spruces up not only water, but cocktails! G&T or V&T’s with ginger/lime or mandarin/grapefruit are fantastic! (Especially, because where I live, fresh fruit is not always available). Stay healthy!

Really Enhanced Water
ByAmazon Customer
Verified Purchase
WOW! These are great flavors. They don’t have the cloying sweetness of other water enhancers (like MIO). They make your water taste like the infused water you get at the Spa (usually made from real fruit). I particularly like the cucumber/lemon grass, it’s very refreshing. And the lemon/mint has just the right hint of mint. All the flavors are great, but those two are my favorits.
I’ve only had these a week, but it’s already time to re-order.

Great natural water enhancer
I drink a lot of tea and water every day, and almost never drink beverages that contain sugar. There are a lot of times I could use more water, like when I’m on the road or when I need to stay away from caffeine, or in hot weather – all when tea just doesn’t cut it. I have looked at water flavors before, but never found anything I liked – either it had artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors, or I had to buy it pre-bottled which meant a ton of plastic waste and possibly chemicals leaching in my drink.

H2wOw is a great way make water more appealing. The flavors are great and I also like that it has a hint of stevia rebiana sweetener.

The packaging is very convenient, and I can pop this in my bag when we go traveling. I usually have my glass water bottle or mason drinking glass with me, so it is easy to have the H2wOw with me and I can just some when I refill my bottle. The 2oz bottle has a total of 24 servings, so it will last you a while. It is so easy to use these little bottles. Each bottle is a BPA-free package with a flip-top lid, so you just pop up the lid and squeeze into your water. Plus, unlike pre-packaged drinks, I can adjust how strong or mild I want the flavor.

The bottle is small enough that I keep one in my purse so I always have one with me, easy enough to use at a restaurant or when I bring a bottle of cold water with me in the car. And it is great for traveling because those can be the toughest times to eat healthy, but I can always have a bottle of water with me.

Overall, this is a great product and it makes water taste great!

By A J
I LOVE this product. My husband and I bought the four flavor pack two weeks ago and have gone through it. I have never been a fan of water enhancers, or really anything with that artificial sweetener flavor. I love that this is all-natural and it tastes like water that I have filtered at home with fresh ingredients (but now I don’t have to do all of the work). Definitely recommend!

LOVE these!
By C Rispian
Verified Purchase
I was so excited to find a natural alternative to the nasty artificial water enhancers out there! Make sure you shake them before each use, otherwise I’ve found that you get more of one flavor than the other. My personal favorite is the Lime Ginger, but all 4 are delicious!

Check it out!
ByKevin – NYC
Verified Purchase
You have to try this product!! I’m hooked. Each flavor tastes fantastic – finally someone came up with a truly natural approach to enhancing water. I drink a lot of water during the course of the day, whether I’m at the office or working out – this is a great way to ease the water boredom issue. I’ve tried a few other products and all have a nasty aftertaste (kool aid on steroids). H2wOw hits the mark with their flavor combos….and yes I also tried the martini thing, pretty amazing cocktail! Enjoy

Oh My Goodness…SO refreshing!!
By L Pon
OH MY…H2w0w is good!! I have been reducing my tea and soda intake and drinking more water. I have used different water enhancers, and most seem to have a bitter, unnatural taste. This product caught my eye…and I thought “What the heck…why not try it?” I am SO glad I did!!!
I bought the lemon spearmint and it is wonderful!! Refreshing, not too sweat, no bitterness, gives water a fresh, pleasant taste! When I finish this flavor my plan is to try the cucumber lemongrass. Actually, maybe one of each flavor sampler…if the other flavors are as Refreshing as this flavor; I’ve found my “go to” water enhancer!!!

Can enhanced water enhance life?
By Gully
Verified Purchase
Ordered a four pack for home. We try to curb sugary drinks but the kids don’t love the plain taste of water so the H2wOw was intriguing. Kids were bubbling with excitement when the H2wOw arrived and spent (no joke) about an hour lining up glasses, trying all the flavors at various strengths and comparing their favorites. Success. I ordered some for the office and have noticed people drinking more water. I suppose a hydrated team is a healthy and productive team. Lastly, the other night I had a rare moment of quiet at home and drew a hot bath. As I was heading upstairs to soak I grabbed a glass of cold water and had a thought – why not add some cucumber lemongrass essence to my drinking water and turn a normal bath into a spa bath? Heaven…

Clean taste!
Verified Purchase
The taste is clean…it doesn’t have the weird chalky after-taste of powdered water flavorings nor does it have that artificial sweetener taste. I liked it so much, I put the four samplers in the office kitchen for others to try. Major hit…all four bottles were empty within two days. I overheard people talking about how having the flavorings instead of just plain water actually helped them drink more water. Great product!

Beyond impressed with these natural tasting water enhancers. They are expensive, but worth the money.
Beyond impressed with these natural tasting water enhancers. When these first came I added a few drops of the cucumber water enhancer to a bottle of water before a workout and spent the rest of the day being shocked that it was from a few drops of H2wOw and not from a an actual water infuser with cucumbers. While cucumber remains my favorite flavor, this is only because cucumber would be my favorite if I had all four naturally infused waters sitting in front of me (there is one hotel that I stay at for work that keeps two infused waters in the lobby at all times and I always keep my fingers crossed for cucumbers… I wonder if they know they could just add fake cucumbers and these drops and everyone would be equally as impressed.) I also love that I can adjust the strength of the flavor to fit my mood. I really am picky about this: I keep two different brands of lime seltzer water in my refrigerator because one is very subtle and the other strong and sometimes I want one or the other.

Now I have to address the twenty two dollars that it costs to invest in these waters. I’ll admit I find this a bit steep. But will I pay it… definitely. Since agreeing to spend a little bit of money on my water to add bubbles, or a little bit of flavor (by chopping up fruit/veggies OR using these water enhancers) I have lost a significant amount of weight and have been able to quit drinking soda. I love being able to reach for something fun in the refrigerator and having it be water. While it seems like a lot of money to invest, I know it is a good investment, especially if you are a person, like me, that enjoys breaking up a busy task to savor something great, or drink a glass of something (ie delicious water) while reading a book in the sun.

And the health (3 calories per serving with all natural flavors and sweeteners) is a non-issue in a good way.

Emails and Letters from our fans:

“H2wOw reminds me of the cucumber water I get at the spa after having a massage. From the fabulous aroma to the delicious taste, your product really gives me a few moments of bliss throughout my day. It’s such a light clean flavor of fruit that tastes truly natural and feels pure.”
-Sophie B. San Francisco, CA

“H2wOw saves me so much time. I used to put fresh fruit in my water to give it a refreshing essence but after trying H2wOw I no longer need to go through the hassle. A couple of squirts of mandarin grapefruit and it feels like I have slices of fresh orange in my water. I love that it tastes just as good and also just as natural as the fruit water I make from scratch.”
-Rachel G. Brooklyn, NY

“I really like that H2wOw is clear and contains nothing artificial. It’s good for me and doesn’t turn my water into a crazy colors like the other water enhancers I’ve tried. It’s so natural that I feel confident drinking it all day long and sharing it with my kids.”
-Mira L. Atlanta, GA

“A big thank you! Because of your product I am drinking so much more water. As someone focussed on a healthy lifestyle, I’m always with my personal water container and making an effort to drink more. Even so, I was often disappointed that I would come home at the end of the day with a container that was still nearly full with the water I left the house with that morning. Not anymore! With H2wOw, I am refilling my container several times a day and really enjoying drinking water.”
-Helen C. Exeter, NH