wOw the Ingredients

The First All-Natural Water Enhancer Made from Extracts of Real Fruits

In this day and age of pesticides and chemicals in our food, we are very concerned about what we eat and drink so our goal in creating H2wOw was to make the best-tasting product with an amazing aroma, and to make sure to leave out chemicals, colors and sweeteners not found in nature.  We strived to create the same taste you would get if you put a fresh slice of lemon or cucumber in your water and let it infuse.  We hope you agree.

What H2wOw IS:

Organic Ingredients
Extracts & Oils of Real Fruit
Low Glycemic
Gluten-Free ingredients
Clear & Clean tasting
Simple Ingredients
Mineral Electrolytes

What H2wOw is NOT:

Artificial Flavors
Artificial Colors or Dyes
Artificial Preservatives
Artificial Sweeteners

Real Fruit Extracts

real fruit extracts

Organic Blue Agave

H2wOw uses Organic Blue Agave

Mineral Electrolytes

H2wOw uses Mineral Electrolytes

Organic Stevia

H2wOw uses Organic Stevia

Only 3
Per Serving